Oscult is a handheld ultrasound imaging device interfaced with an iPad Pro. Our goal is to change the way to take ultrasound image acquisition and to create new usage of ultrasound imaging. It allows the user to easily capture ultrasound imaging in a non-medical environment. Moreover thanks to its connectivity, it’s possible to quickly share and comment on a diagnostic with other doctors. Oscult is able to perform telemedicine.

Oscult doesn’t pretend to replace existing imaging devices but to create a new users’ approach of the medical imaging in the non-medical environment.

A toolbox for providers at all levels of healthcare

General practitioners

Take a quick decision enlightened by a reliable diagnostic. Rapid and precise, the user interface guides you to go smoothly during your diagnosis.

Thanks to Cellular Connectivity, you may work along with a specialist.


With Airplay, a live diagnosis is broadcasted to a large audience. Oscult brings innovation in education and improve medical sonography skills for all physicians.

Best choice to easily share and make savings on ultrasound equipment.

Emergency services

Ability to make your diagnostic without moving the patient from his bed.

Direct benefits:

  • relieving congestions in radiology services
  • educing patient’s stress and making savings.

Ideal point of care solutions for Emergency Medical Services.

Radiologists / Specialists

Radiologists and medical imaging specialists consulted have a clear vision of Oscult positioning within their current equipment range.

Our handheld ultrasound would be a smart spare and a handy tool to see inside the human bodies.


Wherever you are, a colleague, expert or trainer can assist you during ultrasounds.

Requires account and internet connexion.

More freedom for you

One day of battery life ( typical use).

Save time

Dictate your report and Oscult will transcribe it. You save time and effort thanks to a complete set of specific presets.

Command the device using your voice to adjust, capture, and save both images and videos.

Ease of use

An exemplary user experience, combined with Airplay to display your scan on a large screen.

The special impact-resistant case is designed to withstand daily disinfection. A crisp iPad Retina display lets you work in full daylight.

Connected ultrasound as simple as a Facetime call


Oscult is the first connected ultrasound system that lets you share scans with colleagues in real-time. Seek a second opinion or benefit from live e-training with the assistance of a referring practitioner who can advise you and help with settings and measurements. A true technological breakthrough.

Requires account and an internet connection.


Compact and versatile, your device can be taken anywhere, any time. Oscult suits your needs with outstanding image quality and a wide range of applications that you will bring with you anytime and anywhere.


Oscult’s intuitive and ergonomic design makes your job easier. Effortlessly save scans and send your diagnosis to any screen thanks to builtin Airplay technology.


Addressing your needs is important to us. You receive regular updates and new features, leaving you to do what you do best: caring for people.

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The Oscult is capitalizing on all iPad’s unique features that have already become reflex gestures such as sweeping, pinching or double-tapping, which make the settings and adjustments of the scanner the user-friendliest possible.


The battery life of the Oscult, which reaches more than 6 hours (and is the easiest to recharge), is another quantum leap in the field of point-of-care ultrasound imaging.


The list of applications and users seems limitless and not in a not-so-distant future, Oscul scanners might find their way in individual homes.

Bruno D. Fornage, MD

Professor of Radiology and Surgical Oncology, The University of Texas M.D Anderson Cancer Center

Rallye Aïcha des gazelles – Maroco

days in extreme conditions



Clinic trials- Malaysia

months in hospital




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